Where Did 9 Months Go?

9 Months

9 Months

To say the last 9 months have been busy is an understatement.  From the lack of posts, I think it’s clear, not only were we busy, but time seemed to move at an oddly rapid pace.  It’s funny how the more pregnancies you have, the faster each one goes by.  Granted, you’re increasingly busy with each child, but now that it’s over, it seemed nearly unnatural.  Forgive me as I journey back over the past few months…. for there are moments I don’t want to forget. As I think back over my pregnancy, I feel so lucky to have had such a good experience overall.

I baked a baby girl for 9 months, and after all that work, she really did come out a girl. It literally took 3 ultrasounds to convince me with 99% certainty that the baby in my belly was a girl.  And when she finally arrived and I was hurdled over the threshold to 100% positivity, I was overwhelmed with joy.

We raced and camped and raced and camped.  George won the PRO series for his class, which meant many nights sleeping in a trailer and roughing it in the dirt. I’d be proud of that feat anytime, but especially walking the track with 2 little boys and a large belly.

We travelled to Vegas, and every morning I woke up feeling like a champ, volunteering to run for coffee and pastries in the gorgeous sun as others hid in their dark rooms. What’s even more important, I had an awesome time.  I was nervous beyond belief to “party” in Vegas at 7 months pregnant. The usual just wouldn’t do. But to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation, laying by the pool with a belly, and drinking fancy non-alcoholic cocktails.

Quentin played soccer and the boys both started wrestling. We began wrestling late in the season, since it overlapped with soccer. Boy was this a different, but fun experience.  Wrestling has always been one of my favorite sports to watch because it’s so intense.  Amplify that times 100 when it’s your child.  I’ve never been so proud, excited, and terrified in one moment as I was when they stepped out onto that mat for their first match. Both boys did wonderfully, and now, our living room is full of legit matches as opposed to the standard bum rush wrestling we had been used to.

We bought a new house (provided everything closes as expected)! It was a bit of a surprise, but the stars just aligned and everything fell into place.  If you know our real estate history, you know that’s kind of luck is a rarity for us.

This post turned more into a year review for the Harding’s, but it was important to me to try to get this down. Looking back, it’s been an eventful time in our lives, and now that our little one is here, we can’t wait for the new experiences coming our way.  More to come soon on her arrival.