Hold you. Hold you.

I like to imagine all parents do this, but perhaps I am just rationalizing my crazy ways….

Hold you, hold you!When one of my kids creates a common saying,  it becomes common to the family, regardless if it is proper English or if it makes sense.  Sometimes I even incorporate it into my everyday interactions with other people.  It becomes a part of my regular vocabulary.  Although encouraging these special sayings is not necessarily teaching my boys the “correct” way, I selfishly continue to encourage “their” way because it fills my heart with joy.  For example — Quentin used to commonly use the word “my” instead of “I.”  He would confidently state, “MY do it!”  I loved it.  It was used throughout our house day in, and day out.

This one I will always cherish — Kaden can’t say the word brother, so he refers to Quentin as “Boppies or Bobbies.”  The entire family now calls Quentin by the same name at times, although I know Quentin really only likes it when Kaden refers to him by that name.  He has even stated “Mom, I will sure miss it when Kaden doesn’t call me Boppies anymore.”  I secretly hope he will always refer to him in that manner (at least within the home).

And finally, Kaden recently started saying “Hold you. Hold you!” with his arms outstretched, smile gleaming across his face.  I’m certain this comes from my asking him “Do you want me to hold you?”  Or, “Can I hold you?”  I love this.  In a way, I guess he really is holding me too as I scoop him up and hold him so tight.  So, I encourage this behavior, and I’ll continue to encourage him to say it as long as I can.  “Hold you, hold you!”  I say throughout the day as I repeat his actions back to him.

These are the things I want to freeze in my memory, and never let go.  These are the moments I know I’ll miss one day.  For now, I am hoarding them, collecting them with all my might, and storing them deep within my soul.

May I never forget.

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