Adventures in Palm Springs

We were recently lucky enough to travel to Palm Springs, CA for week, with a stop at Disneyland for a couple of days. It was such a treat and definitely an experience we all will never forget.  Grandma played a huge part in making our magical trip happen, so I want to throw a quick “thank you” shout out to her!  The trip overall was fabulous, but it certainly had its fair share of “moments.”  Such a string of events was comical when it happened (because we had no other choice but to laugh and go on), but now looking back reminiscing I laugh even more, so I thought I would share.

  1. The night before we were getting ready to leave Quentin woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible earache.  Not good for flying.  Thankfully we were able to rush him to urgent care and get him on antibiotics.  Crisis averted. 
  2. Did I ever mention I was terrified to take Kaden on plane.  Quentin had flown before, and I was confident he would make it through, but Kaden…. He can’t barely make it through a shopping trip without asserting himself wildly in front of a crowd.  Luckily he did really well – mostly.  He fought sleep most of the way, finally succumbed to his dreams 15 minutes before landing, and promptly woke up when we touched down.  He was disoriented, tired, and wanted off the plane, immediately.  Thank you to all of the polite people around us who put up with a screaming child while everyone disembarked from the plane.  Crisis averted.
  3. The condo we stayed at was gated.  You needed a little remote to get in.  Some how we kept misplacing that little remote…  over, and over, and over again.
  4. We were planning on driving to Disneyland on Tuesday morning.  Kaden kept waking up with goopy eyes…. It started with just one, and then…. Sure enough it was in both.  Poor baby would wake up with his eyes stuck shut and reach for me whispering “eyes, eyes momma.”  We knew we had to take him to urgent care.  First we ended up at a Geriatric Dr.’s office, needless to say our directions had lead us astray.  When we finally ended up at the clinic Kaden was diagnosed with Pink Eye in both eyes.  Crisis….
  5. As I waited to pick up Kaden’s prescriptive eye drops (we had to fight 3 times a day to put in for 5 days!) I witnessed a crazy, old man accost the poor pharmacist like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Yelling racial slurs, cussing up a storm…. You know, exactly what you’d expect to see on a calm Monday morning.  They didn’t have the eye drops at this pharmacy.  Thank goodness one down the road had them…..Crisis averted.
  6. Remote to get into the condo was lost, and found.  Crisis averted.
  7. Tuesday morning we were getting ready to leave and my mom’s dog Puck needed to be taken into an emergency veterinarian clinic.  They called in a prescription for him which was filled with less chaos than Kaden’s.  Crisis averted and we were on our way!
  9. We drove back after 2 wonderful nights… do you think we could find the remote to get into the condo?  Nope.  We finally found it later, after some clever work to gain entry into the condo.  Crisis averted … eventually. 
  10. On our final evening we went out to dinner at an awesome BBQ restaurant.  We all know Quentin enjoys dinosaur bones (ribs) so we ordered him a plate full.  He just stared at it, and said he wasn’t hungry.  At first I thought he was fibbing… I followed up with the curt – “if you don’t eat your dinner, you’ll get no dessert.”  It didn’t work. He finally told us his tummy hurt.  I took him to the bathroom to see if that would help.  It didn’t.  We sat around and chatted while the rest of us ate when suddenly a wave of motherly instinct crashed over me, and I just knew what was about to happen.  I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth quick enough.. “Do you have to throw up?” He said “YES!” and proceeded to throw up all over the floor of the restaurant – a couple times.  George scooped him up and took him to the bathroom.  Poor guy.  Needless to say our night was over.  No one else got sick though, and after only a couple more puking episodes that evening Quentin was fine for our flight home.  Crisis averted.

The End.  That’s the summary of the surprising events that will also ensure we remember our first full on family vacation with the boys.  Granted I’ve left out all of the fun we had in leiu of these funny happenstances.  Believe me, we had our fair share of fun too!  Never a dull moment, but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

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