Unwelcomed Mess.

 Every night without fail, Kaden shares a boost of energy with the family at 8 pm.  This special surprise blast of energy can go on for hours. 

My Sweet Boys

8 pm Energy

Even nights when he is tired and falling asleep earlier in the evenings, 8 o’clock hits, and he is fully alive.  He can be found jumping off the couch, wrestling with his brother (and father), rolling around on the floor, or simply throwing his legs and arms about as quickly as possible with a large smile on his face.  He’s happy, but he’s worked up.  Meanwhile the rest of us are trying to settle down for the night…. especially me.

Last night, after our usual battle to get Kaden to watch a movie and relax, George and I were trying to unwind.  Quentin and Kaden were watching “Meeemo” (our affectionate title for Nemo) in our bedroom.  “MOM!” Quentin yells.  I sighed as I cracked a smile at George, and rolled off the couch to start making my way to see what was up.  “Kaden took his diaper off!” he continued.  I picked up the pace a bit, wondering what I was in store for.

Sure enough Kaden had removed his diaper.   And not only that, but he had decided to pee — on my side of the bed.  There he sat, with the largest grin, in a puddle,  on my soiled bed.  I was tired, and the last thing I wanted to do was clean up a mess of this magnitude.  I scooped Kaden up, dressed him in a new diaper, and started in on changing my sheets. I worked to soak up the precious present as best as I could, laid down a towel and new sheets,  and put the boys to bed.

As I laid myself down to sleep later in the evening, I couldn’t help but laugh.  My frustration had subsided and I had to chuckle at the thoughts that had flooded my mind earlier amist the commotion.  Can you believe I actually considered a plastic cover for my mattress?  The kind that makes a ridiculous rustling noise when you barely move… Aside from the obvious of making sure my child keeps his diaper on….perhaps I just need to make sure Kaden prefers the other side of the bed from now on….


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