I’ll Take the Whole Pizza.

My boys are different in their body types, and it’s very apparent.   I’ve had family friends who we haven’t seen for quite some time, peer in through the car windows to say “hello” to the boys quickly summarize the difference between the two…. “You’ve got one tall and skinny, and the other that’s just solid.”  It’s a good summation of our Harding situation. 

Over the weekend we had the all nutritious pizza for dinner one night.  Later in the evening, after dinner had  passed, Quentin (my long and skinny 4 year old) asked if he could have more piece of  pizza.  Of course!  He’s such a rail, I’ll encourage eating whenever he’s game.  He pulled a piece of cold pizza out of the box that was sitting on the table and insisted on eating it cold.  He plopped next to me on the couch as he consumed his second round. 

Kaden (my solid 2 year old), must have decided he wanted another piece of pizza too.  It’s not uncommon for Kaden to try to finish his brothers dinner, so the fact that he wanted more too was less of a surprise.  However, instead of asking for a piece, or grabbing a single slice, Kaden hoisted the large pizza box off the table and was carrying the entire box into the livingroom towards me.  What a sight.  My baby boy, who really is a little man, carrying this whole pizza box, nearly larger than himself, little buddha belly overflowing from his white diaper.  No other clothes needed and big intentions of eating “some more.”  

It was a hilarious sight.  I don’t doubt he could eat the entire pizza if he wanted to….


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