Imagination Overload.

Oh, to be a child again.  So honest, sincere, and 110% committed to absolutely everything.  I don’t think my boys even know what half way is.  If they are going to do so something, they are going to do it! 

Whether it be love, play, or throw a fit;  passion is not something we lack in our house.  I honestly believe it’s a blessing, and it’s a quality that I hope grows with them over their lives.

Consequently, Quentin’s imagination has been in overdrive lately, and I love it.  He’s had a lot of dreams that he thinks are reality.  Which for the most part has been a good thing.  For example, yesterday he told me “Hey mom, did you know I can ride my skateboard now?” with his chest puffed out proud as could be.  “I did not know that,” I said in disbelief with my eyebrows raised. “Yep,” he said confidently.  “I had a dream about it.  I learned how to do it my dream.  So now, I can do it.”  And… what do you say to that?  In his mind, it was the most rational conclusion ever.

Today Quentin was watching the new Karate Kid (the version with Jaden Smith).  About 10 minutes after the movie started, he came out from his bedroom dressed like this….. 

My Karate Kid

My Karate Kid


With his pj’s on that mimicked a traditional gee (naturally), and dinosaur slippers (I’m not sure what the connection is there) ready to “fight.”  “Mom, these are my fighting clothes” he told me. 

I know these are the moments I am going to miss.


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