Not Rio – BIKES!

Similarly to most little boys, mine want to be just like their dad.

From a while ago, but I should have known.....

Kaden with Daddy Last Year... Why Am I Even Surprised?

With imitation as the sincerest form of flattery, my boys watch, study, and take to heart everything Daddy does.

Daddy certainly does cool things.  He races dirt bikes.  Along with dirt bikes comes the fancy motocross language (“double”, “triples”, “rubbin’ is racin”, “whoops,” the all popular “brrraaaaap”, and more).   I am constantly surrounded by this unique language, and we speak it fluently in our household.

Quite often when daddy is watching racing on TV, both boys grab their bike toys, complete with riders, and race around the livingroom in circles for hours, pretending to be real riders.

Yesterday as we were getting ready in the morning we had the animated movie “Rio” on in our room.  My 2-year-old came running up, threw a supercross movie in my hands and shouted “BIKES!” with vigor.

I couldn’t believe it.  “You want to watch bikes instead of Rio?”  I asked quizzically. Sure enough, he did.  I put in the movie and he watched the whole thing while racing with his toys around the room.

Some kids like cartoons.  Mine like dirt bike racing.

What am I in for?


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