My Little Boy. BMX Extraordinaire.


BMX Champ

My BMX Champ

It was a weekend full of 1sts.   The same weekend the first triple back flip was completed in BMX competition, Quentin, my delightful 4 year old, learned how to ride his pedal bike with no training wheels.  And as for me, I experienced for the first time, a different type of pride, sadness, and elation all at the same time. 

We made the last-minute decision to bring Quentin’s bike with us over to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  They have a large back yard, with a little bit of a slope to it, and a well manicured lawn.  The day was right, the conditions were right.  Quentin clasped his helmet under his chin, and walked his Spiderman bike up to the corner of the lawn.  With quite the audience staring on, Quentin took in a deep breath, and proceeded to throw his leg over his bike.  I took a ragged breath as I tried to steady the camera.  My husband leaned over to help guide Quentin on his way.

Like a champ, he did it with ease. On the first try no less, Quentin did it.  He pedaled down the hill like he was born on a bike.  My BMX extraordinaire in the making.  I jumped up and down absolutely elated.  Yet, at the same time I felt my heart sink a little bit.   My first baby, my little boy was turning into a big boy.  It’s hard to explain, but other parents out there, I know you understand exactly what I mean.  You are the most proud, and feel like you could explode with happiness.  You wish you could freeze this moment forever.  And you feel a twinge of disbelief at how fast it’s all going.

I certainly am one proud momma.  Time marches on, whether we want it to or not.  This event, like many others, serves as a reminder to cherish every moment with our loves.

Every single moment.


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