Can You Move That Over Here?

A couple of weekends ago I ran the Bloomsday race in Spokane… Road trip!  With the 2 boys, and a very brave friend, we journeyed by car to Spokane.  What an adventure it was!  Aside from Kaden refusing to let us eat anywhere except fast food restaurants, enjoying the view from the luxurious seats in my Tahoe, we had a blast.  I, however, in my super mom prepared state, forgot our stroller…. this meant my mom (bless her heart) would need to cart around my 2 boys throughout the race with sheer muscle.  Quentin could easily walk, although I am sure he preferred grandma to carry him. And Kaden, in order to walk anywhere with speed required carrying, like a sack of heavy potatoes.  Needless to say, before we started the race my mom was trying to kill time at the park with the boys.

Quentin was playing on some concrete construction blocks, jumping from one to another.  After careful survey of the lay of the land, he inquisitively asked grandma “Hey, can you move that one over there, over here?”  Such a simple request.  Come on grandma, cart the concrete block over to where I want it… Grandma — Quentin certainly thinks you are a superhero — it’s clear.  And so do I.

Another awesome adventure with my loves.


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