Oh Snaps.

This morning, like every other morning, we trudged out of the house towards the car.  I had my laptop on my back, purse on my shoulder, lunches in one hand and Kaden on my other arm (feeling more like a pack-horse than a mom).  And yes, of course I could make more than one trip out to the car, but…..I never do. Quentin, yet again, gave me the gift of an out loud belly laugh on a rushed morning.  As I carefully maneuvered towards the car in my Jessica Simpson high heels he commented about the drizzling rain.  “It’s raining again this morning” he laughed.  “Yep, it sure is” I replied breathless with a smile.  I plopped Kaden into his car seat and turned my head back just in time to see Quentin wiggle his little body, snap his fingers are cry “OHHH SNAPS!” 

I laughed out loud, and felt my heart swell.  It was the perfect unprompted moment for such a perfect little move, and the plural “s” was awesome.  I think I’ll start using that in my daily language.  Maybe in emails.  I like it.  Oh snaps.


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