This is How I Roll.

The things they say, every single day.  Today was a day (like nearly everyday), when my boys stopped me in my tracks. I looked at them in awe and thought “I never want to forget this moment, ever.”  We were rushing around the house, trying to get all of our teeth brushed, jackets on, and lunches packed.  I plopped on the couch to put Kaden’s shoes on.  Quentin put his own shoes on, jumped up from the ground and proceeded to karate chop the air a couple of times (with natural ability just like Chuck Norris).

“That’s how I roll!”  he said matter of fact like. 

I blinked at him in disbelief, and smiled.  I just wanted to soak up that moment, and remember exactly how he looked right then.  The exact way he sliced the air with his perfectly bladed hands, and most importantly the conviction with which he wiggled and declared those words.  The way Kaden laughed with the most genuine grin, and his big blue eyes smiled.  I love my boys.

And I hope I never forget that moment.


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