Tastes Like Beer.

My husband was running errands this evening so I made a gourmet meal of chicken nuggets (or “nuggies” in our house) for the boys. I prepared some equally appetizing drinks of juice as we were having a fun, special evening.  I was sipping on some sugar free sparkling water, orange mango in flavor.  Kaden immediately decided he wanted what I was drinking instead.  I poured a small amount into his sippy cup, feeling like a push over this evening.  I then gave Quentin an equally small portion in his glass. 

He was sooo excited that he was able to drink what mommy had.  “Mmmmmm!”  he said.  “Tastes like beer.”

“Excuse me?” I said, amazed at what had just come out of his mouth.  “Errr, pop, it tastes like pop,” he countered.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get him to elaborate on the beer comment, but I swear I heard it.  My husband and I rarely drink, and even more rarely when the kids are around.  Too funny…. the things they pick up on.

Orange pop flavored beer might be quite the invention…


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