Snot Bubbles and Cuddles

My poor boys were sick this weekend with noses that ran faster races than Seabiscuit.  Yep, I just said that.  Quentin is at least able to give blowing his nose a good try and wipe as needed… Kaden on the other hand is a big mess, but in the cutest way.  Only us mother’s can say things like that about snot bubbles and green monster drippings. 

We were running around this morning.  The boys didn’t have a fever, and I figured after the entire weekend they would be good to go on a Monday morning.  My schedule at work was jam-packed full of meetings.  I got Quentin up and ready.  Kaden was taking his sweet time, and clearly had better mornings.  We all had our shoes on.  We all had our coats on.  The car was running.  And then it hit me. What was I doing?  My boys clearly needed another day home with their mom, and I was fighting off the bug myself.  Enough.

I turned off the car.  We all took off our coats.  We all took off our shoes.  And we stayed home.  Right where we should have been.  A sick day at home full of snot bubbles and cuddles.  And yes, I cherished every minute of it.


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