I’m Not a Prince – Yet.

As I was helping Quentin out of the car early this morning, I was met with a statement that filled my thoughts throughout the day.   I took his petite hand in mine, and with my long outstretched arm bowed as I said “Right this way my prince.”  He shot me a funny look and laughed to himself.  “Mooom… I’m not a prince, yet” he said so matter of fact like.  With that he bounced out of the car and up the walkway.  This left me wondering for the rest of the day, what did one have to do to become a prince?  

When we returned home I asked him, curious what the qualifications would be. Would he have to be older?  Would he need a princess? Would he need a crown? I speculated, probably more than most.  His answer: “I don’t know, maybe when I marry you or something.  I’ll wear a bow tie and a crown. AND THEN I’ll be a prince.”  Riddle solved.

Oh my lovely son, you are already a prince to me, and you make me feel like the most special Queen everyday.


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