Did You Get a Timeout Today?

Generally we discuss the happenings of our day as we sit together around the dinner table as a family.  Quentin tells me about his day.  “I didn’t get any timeouts!” he says, swelling with pride.  Literally, you can see it coming out of his ears.  Cleverly, he thinks about how he is going to spur the next round of conversation.

“Momma, did you get any timeouts today at work?”

This absolutely cracks me up.  I am stunned at the question, and yet very impressed.  Seems like a logical enough reason of thought.  “I didn’t get any timeouts today,”  I responded.  “Did you do everything your boss asked you?”  he pressed.  Yet another very good question.  I love the fact that he made the leap from the connection with work boss, and at home boss, and acknowledged both could potentially call for a timeout as needed.

I have to admit, I hadn’t thought of it before… but I am glad I didn’t get any timeouts today at work.  Phew.


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