A Little “Peace” of Heaven

No matter what craziness I have endured during my day, it’s always the most refreshing reward to see my boys when I walk through the door.  The greetings I receive from my little ones make everything else disappear and I am present in my little piece of heaven.  The first 5 seconds are like a dream.  Quentin often gives me the biggest smile and starts in directly telling me about his day.

I love it. 

And my Kaden, who is known for his feisty attitude, and strong-willed ways, always, always, always drops what he’s doing and runs directly over to greet me.  As I drop my belongings to the floor, he wraps me up.  He squeezes one of my long legs with both of his little boy arms as hard as he can,  and I melt.

I love it.

Now let’s not pretend that this surreal peace goes on for the rest of the evening, because without fail the unruliness of our household quickly sets in.  And yet, through all of the yelling, jumping, wrestling, and cuddling, I am in love.

How. Lucky. Am.  I.


One thought on “A Little “Peace” of Heaven

  1. kloppenmum says:

    Truly lucky…but of your own making. Did you know that children greeting us like this is a sign of great parenting. I am an at home Mum, so I don’t get it so often…but I love and cherish those times that I do.

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