Like Camouflage and Warts.


Kaden Camouflage After the Bath

A normal night at home.  Although my family’s definition of normal is quite the opposite of some, I also recognize it’s not very dissimilar from  many.  Not 5 minutes after I walked through the door from work my boys started in on the usual ruckus.  Kaden won the coveted award for the first speed bump in the evening.  George just put a fresh coat of paint on the vanity cabinets in the bathroom.  We should have known better…

Kaden did the ever so silent sneak into the bathroom and decided to make himself one with the cabinets.  Surprising how he can be so stealth at times, falling under the radar, and others…..  You should have seen the proud grin he wore as he modeled the lovely brown paint that covered the entire left side of his body.  What to do with a baby camouflaged in brown paint except plop him into the tub.

Quentin’s profound statement of the night made my stomach hurt from laughter.  You see, I have this ridiculously large blemish on my cheek.  Gorgeous.  Just beautiful I tell you.  As I felt myself melt into the couch this evening I could feel Q’s intense stare at the side of my face.  He looked very seriously concerned.  “Momma, you have a WART on your face!”  Ahhh… that’s my boy.  I can’t say as I could blame him for the assumption.  In fact it’s pretty astute.  None the less it provided me with the best belly laugh of the evening.

Thank you boys.  Nothing like creative camouflage and warts to keep my life interesting.  Our normal is awesome.


One thought on “Like Camouflage and Warts.

  1. mmm's mom says:

    I know where you get your warts from….did you know that warts will make you look like a “monkeyface” in the moonlight – yep – that’s what your brother told me I looked like when he was just a little older than Q.

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