Chivalry is not Dead.

We were doing a little grocery shopping this evening with the entire family.  Kaden sat comfortably in the cart while I pushed him throughout the store, and Quentin walked proudly along holding George’s hand.  It was the usual grocery store visit and we wandered casually through the aisles.  I was deep in conversation with Kaden, and George was retrieving the milk from the refrigerator when nearly at the same time we both turned our heads to follow Quentin as he ran up to an approaching cart.  Sitting in the arriving cart (which may as well have been a princess carriage) was a gorgeous little Hispanic girl, most likely about 2 years old.  Before George or I could get anything out of mouths Quentin proved he is a fairy tale prince in training.

He valiantly scooped up the little girl’s available wrist and proceeded to kiss her ever so gently on the back of her hand!  I was stunned.  George was stunned.  In fact, I think we both sat there with our mouths open in a stupor.  The lady who accompanied the little girl smiled, but I think she was stunned.  We pulled Quentin back to the cart and walked the long aisle in silence.  When we turned the corner, we had a quick talk about that type of interaction with strangers.  I kicked George in the heels “Did you teach him that?” I said with a grin.  He just shook his head.  But for all of you out there who wondered, chivalry is not dead!  Watch out ladies….


One thought on “Chivalry is not Dead.

  1. shasta sunshine says:

    funny… i said the same thing to george when quinten pulled me outside by my hand to show me the sunset! “look!” he says as he passes his tiny hand across the horizon! he’s gonna be heart breaker for sure!

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