Sorry Charlie.

Competitive Spirit
Sorry Charlie.

Nothing like family bonding around the Xbox. 

Yep, it surprises me to say it, and I cringe to admit it, but it’s actually true. Santa brought us our first video game console this year, and the occasional times that we play together as a family are really fun.  Quentin and I often turn the livingroom  into a dance floor where we battle back and forth relentlessly.  “Mom, when are you going to let me win?!”  he says with the cutest pout just as competitive as can be.  It’s clear where he gets it.  “Next time” I say, “maybe” I think. At last, Quentin receives his long-awaited victory.

“Sorry Charlie! Take that sucker!” he shouts. 

Insert the most genuine look of surprise… it still probably shows on my face.  He said it without missing a beat.  Oh my, what have we created.  My husband and I are both competitive.  Apparently the legacy lives on.  Trash talking at 4?  What are we up against?


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